The GOODIES Center enriches Europe's retail landscape!

Where does the name "GOODIES" come from and what exactly is the GOODIES-Center?

"GOODIES" is derived from the word "Goods" – meaning, of course, the items that retailers buy and sell. Since "Goods" sounds a little boring, and has little association with a highly specialised trade fair for overstock and special items, the word "GOODIES" was chosen.

The GOODIES-Center wholesale trade fair centre, which was originally known as the "POSTEN-Center" started with an idea thought up by Ankum wholesaler George Dobelmann, who with his international wholesale company EXPO-BÖRSE and his POSTEN-BÖRSE retail chain (currently totalling 83 retail outlets) is viewed both nationally and internationally as being a genuine 'guru' in the business for overstock, special items and promotional goods of all kinds.

Every wholesaler, importer and manufacturer needs a suitable platform for presenting their goods to potential customers, which until recently had only been possible at national and international sector-based trade fair events or at a company's own display space. On this basis, the idea was to bring a “healthy mix” of wholesalers and importers with all of their sample products under one roof in order to bring a year-around retail orders fair into life. With a correspondingly wide range of goods and at a unique location with several specialist businesses, customers would then be able to order their goods in order to equip their stores.

After the suitable location for the business idea had been found - a complex of buildings once belonging to the 'Artländer' clothing factory that had long since been empty - Georg Dobelmann did not have to work hard to enthuse what at first was a small selection of potential “permanent exhibitors” for his idea. The permanent trade fair stands were actually snapped up almost straight away. In this way, the GOODIES CENTER in Ankum opened to a fanfare on 13 May 2004 with the following 23 listed companies: AZON-Chemie GmbH, Becky's B.V., DIFRO Heimtierbedarf, EXPO-BÖRSE GmbH, Günther Woithe Non-Food Industrievertretungen, H.W.E. Eckhoff, HEIB-SERVICE, HPF Groß- & Einzelhandels GmbH, Idee-á Trends, INNOCOM GmbH, KAIMAN GmbH, OUTLINE Medientechnik e.K., REINEX GmbH & Co. KG, R. Nürnberg Spielwaren GmbH, Schaefer Bellezza Di Terra GmbH, Schildgen Handelshaus GmbH, Schömitz Sopo-Lager, Schomaker Gartenprodukte, Stretex Fashion, Stylex Schreibwaren GmbH, SUM Import-Export-Marketing GmbH und Vinnemeier Textil- & Schuhimport GmbH.



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