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Having taken ownership of the nearby See- & Sporthotel at the end of 2013, it has proven possible to enhance and extend the services we are able to offer. It has been possible for the area which we previously set aside for internal events to be relocated to the See- & Sporthotel, which has freed up space in the otherwise fully occupied GOODIES-Center that we can now offer to additional permanent exhibitors. Moreover, visitors and guest exhibitors in the GOODIES-Center are now able to stay overnight virtually "next door" on a convenient basis and at a reasonable price. Incidentally: for those who like golf, the Artland Golf Club is also situated nearby the hotel.

Here are some images of the See- & Sporthotel Ankum:

  • SSH-Bild01
  • SSH-Bild02
  • SSH-Bild03
  • SSH-Bild04
  • SSH-Bild05
  • SSH-Bild06
  • SSH-Bild07
  • SSH-Bild08
  • SSH-Bild09
  • SSH-Bild10
  • SSH-Bild11
  • SSH-Bild12
  • SSH-Bild13
  • SSH-Bild14
  • SSH-Bild15

In addition to this, the spacious possibilities on offer at the See- & Sporthotel Ankum offer much more. All in all, five rooms which are sized between 30 and 260 sqm are an ideal venue for company meetings held by trading companies, for whom the proximity to the neighbouring wholesale trade fair centre is a decisive advantage. Supplement your meeting or workshops with your partners or clientele by visiting the GOODIES-Center - where you will find any number of practically-oriented examples on the following topics: goods assortments, goods presentation, trade fair presence and advertising items. Practical examples and approaches for your business agenda - in direct proximity!

We founded the "GOODIES-Center Meetings Service" in order to summarise these benefits for your company.

The "GOODIES-Center Meetings Service" - the all-in-one service for your meetings.

Due to our many years' experience in setting up our GOODIES trade fairs we are able to organise your meeting in its entirety for a reasonable price. Our experienced "meetings team" not only manages your board and lodging, it also handles all of the logistical processes and amenities which ensure a meeting is a success - here is a brief summary of the benefits:

–  Your company will be accommodated into up to 50 comfortable hotel rooms.
–  A tasty breakfast buffet and evening buffet.
–  Logistical realisation of your agenda.
–  Provision of meeting rooms that are sized between 30 and 260 sqm.
–  High speed WiFi internet – in both the hotel and in the GOODIES-Center.
–  Shuttle service from the hotel to the GOODIES-Center and back.
–  Free parking.

We will be pleased to take your additional requirements into account. Talk to us!

Example: Meeting of the company FISHBULL (discount DIY store)

From 6th - 8th February 2014, the company FISHBULL, which is also known for its discount DIY stores, made use of the meetings service offered by the GOODIES-Center. The company held a meeting including a workshop with its franchise partners in the facilities at the See & Sport Hotel Ankum and visited the GOODIES-Center.

Here are some impressions of the meeting and of the workshop:

  • fbt_1058
  • fbt_2218
  • fbt_2224
  • fbt_2228
  • fbt_2230
  • fbt_2256
  • fbt_2285
  • fbt_2286

And this is the visit to the GOODIES-Center:

  • IMG_0963
  • IMG_0965
  • IMG_0967
  • IMG_0968
  • IMG_0969
  • IMG_0970
  • IMG_0971
  • IMG_0973
  • IMG_0975
  • IMG_0976
  • IMG_0977
  • IMG_0978
  • IMG_0980
  • IMG_0982
  • IMG_0984
  • IMG_0985
  • IMG_0986
  • IMG_0987
  • IMG_0988
  • IMG_0989
  • IMG_0990
  • IMG_0991
  • IMG_0994
  • IMG_0995
  • IMG_0997
  • IMG_0998
  • IMG_0999
  • IMG_1000
  • IMG_1001
  • IMG_1002
  • IMG_1003
  • IMG_1007
  • IMG_1009
  • IMG_1010
  • IMG_1011
  • IMG_1012
  • IMG_1013
  • IMG_1014
  • IMG_1015
  • IMG_1016
  • IMG_1017
  • IMG_1018
  • IMG_1019
  • IMG_1021
  • IMG_1022
  • IMG_1024
  • IMG_1025
  • IMG_1026
  • IMG_1028
  • IMG_1029
  • IMG_1030
  • IMG_1031
  • IMG_1037
  • IMG_1039
  • IMG_1040
  • IMG_1041
  • IMG_1042
  • IMG_1043
  • IMG_1045
  • IMG_1050
  • IMG_1054
  • IMG_1058

Have we awakened your interest in our new service?

Then talk to us! We will be pleased to advise you and provide you with an attractive offer!

Personal contact for the GOODIES-Center Meetings Service:

Theodor Geers
Phone: +49 (0)5462 886633
Fax: +49 (0)5462 886505
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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